2024 sees the launch of mumbo-moon, the band’s subsidiary creative project focusing on composing music specifically for sync.

London-based band mUmbo was formed in 2021 by solo artists Doug MacGowan (electric and acoustic guitars, banjo and bass) and Emma Semple (vocals, violin and viola). In 2022, they were joined by Italian drummer, Antonio Dale. Sonically, the band draws on a diverse range of influences incorporating rock, indie pop, folk, blues and jazz. Liked artists include: Mazzy Star, Goldfrapp, Little Feat, Ry Cooder and Johnny Marr. 

Press / Reviews

'Their music is upbeat and guitar-driven, with catchy hooks and retro vibes that are perfect for listening to in the car, on your headphones, or singing along in the sort of reminds us of Cocteau Twins, among others.' MESMERIZED

'Emma Semple is endowed with a very particular timbre that cannot be traced back to any known voice. Beyond the singer's musical influences, she has been able to develop a very personal and fascinating style that makes her recognizable at first listen.' ARTISTI ONLINE

'mUmbo release new single showcasing strong vocals and earworm-worthy guitars...the track is a surprising experimentation, sounding like pretty much nothing else currently in the charts and beyond...the uniqueness of the sound jumps excellent combination of artistry and listenability, this track is a testimony to a very high level of craftsmanship and an ability to explore the unexpected.' MUSIC IS TO BLAME

'A conversation between vocals and guitars set the foundation for mUmbo’s music. And the abilities of MacGowan to create seamlessly good solos filled with pauses and melody adds that glitter to the whole instrumentation. Without a doubt a very much needed track in the awe of this new era, a cool breeze that gives us strength to carry on and move forward. So, listen now!' JPGCHIEF

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